Precautions during the Video Call

1. The event will be conducted with the video call channel ID in the information you provided. (Messenger and ID cannot be changed after applying)
- Event progress may be restricted if the channel ID you submitted and the applicant's mobile phone number do not match.

2. Artist and winner will have a video call for a set time (approx. 2-3minutes). Member which winners applied and winners will have a video call event, and the video call will end after the appointed time .

3. Depending on the event, you will either:
A: You have to send a reply email to the organizers' email to you with the requested information.
B: You have to send a message through KAKAO/LINE to the organizers with information (as instructed by us).
C: You have to wait for the organizers will reach out through KAKAO/LINE. This can happen as late as 1 day before the event or on the day of the event. Please make sure to reply to the request message for checking information and adding friend.

4. During the video call, if you are not connected during your turn twice, we will make one last call at the last order and if you're still not connected, you will lose your opportunity.

5. When the winner does not terminate the video call himself/herself, it may be forcefully terminated by the staff.

6. Please refrain from asking personal questions and asking too much to the artist during the event. In the event of abusive language, criticism and inappropriate behavior, the call connection may be forcibly terminated by the on-site staff's judgment.

7. Please refrain from sending or inquiring to the host for a smooth event progress. (Participation in the event is restricted if you call us or send inquires)

8. The identification process may be carried out before the event begins. Please prepare your ID card in advance when you participate in the event.

* It cannot be verified by any other ID cards than the ID card below, and can only be verified by a physical ID with a photo attached. (NO photos, scan images, etc.)
* Only unexpired passports can be used for an ID check.
- Korean: Resident registration card, driver's license, passport, and youth card (student card is accepted only by minors in Korea, and other winners cannot be verified except for the ID cards mentioned)
- Foreigner: Passport or other official goverment-issued national ID, or alien registration card

9. Only the winner can participate in this event, and if we are connected to someone other than you, or if two or more other than you participate, you may be forced to terminate the call.

10. The name on the album is based on the name you have submitted on the form (for all events except for MAKESTAR it may be your first name or full name.).