We ship internationally and only with Express shipping services (DHL, EMS, KPACKET) for a speedy delivery!

Wondernara ships with expedited shipping (3-9 business days) for a fixed fee and the fee depends on your region. All orders above $120 enjoy FREE shipping! 
Refer below to the shipping rates:
Shipping Details Region

FREE on orders above $120

on orders between $0–$19.99

$14.50 on orders between $20$30

$19.50 on orders between $30.01–$119.99

    United States

    FREE on orders above €120

    €8,92 EUR 
    on orders between €0€19.99

    €13,50 EUR on orders between €20€30

    €16,50 EUR
    on orders between €30,01€119,99

    EU 1 (Germany, France, Spain) 

    FREE on orders above €120

    €25.50 on orders between €0–€119,99

    EU 2 (All other EU countries)

    Free on orders above $120

    $25.50 on orders between $0–$119,99

    United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Mexico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Chile, India

    FREE on orders above $120

    on orders between $0–$19.99

    $14.50 on orders between $20$30

    $19.50 on orders between $30.01–$119.99

    New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Brazil, China, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia

    Free on orders above $120

    $4.50 on orders between $0–$119.99

    South Korea

    $35 on all orders

    Costa Rica (6 of 7 provinces), Colombia, United States (Puerto Rico), Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brunei, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt (Cairo), Haiti, Uruguay, Venezuela

    For any other region not mentioned above, shipping may be possible through other premium carriers. Please email for a custom quote.

    Updated on 8th of May, 2024.

    The delivery time is an estimate based on recent deliveries. Wondernara cannot guarantee the items to arrive within the dates above mentioned. Shipping time is influenced heavily by weather, strikes (including transportation and air strikes), and other situations.


    As of April 1st, 2024, our VAT-paid policy has been updated. In order for EU and US customers to be exempt from taxes at customs, orders must not exceed the thresholds outlined in the table below:

    Region Threshold
    EUROPEAN UNION VAT paid until value €150
    UNITED STATES VAT paid until value $800
    *Effective from 2024-04-01

    If you place an order above these thresholds and are charged at customs, Wondernara cannot take responsibility and is unable to offer tax refunds. It is crucial to ensure that your order total remains below the threshold to avoid being taxed.

    "My order is below the threshold but I still got charged at customs"
     We have experienced that some EU customs occassionally make errors and still charge our customers. But no worries! If this occurs, please pay the fee, send us the receipt at, and we will promptly refund the costs for you. :)

    "My order is above the threshold and I got charged at customs"
     If your order was placed BEFORE April 1, 2024, you are eligible for our VAT refund, as our shipping policy regarding VAT refunds only became effective from April 1st, 2024. However, all orders after this date are subject to our new policy, where we can only offer a VAT refund for orders that fall below the VAT threshold as mentioned in the table. Please always consider the threshold when placing your order. Thank you! :)

    Other destination countries may levy taxes on your purchased goods, which the receiver will be responsible for. Wondernara is not responsible for unpaid customs taxes, and will not provide refunds for orders sent back due to customs issues. Please check your country’s customs policies before placing your order and if you have questions, feel free to reach out to our customer service for assistance.


    The time frame for order delivery is divided into two parts:
    ➤ Processing duration: Order processing at supplier, our internal Order verification, tailoring, quality check and packaging.
    ➤ Shipping duration: This refers to the time it takes for items to be shipped from our warehouse to the destination.


    If you've placed a Pre-Order, please be aware that processing at the supplier takes approximately 3-4 weeks, starting after the event concludes. Upon arrival, kindly allow 1-2 weeks for shipping, resulting in a potential total processing time of up to 6 weeks.

    During busy holiday seasons, such as December, high demand or pre-order situations may cause additional delays. In such cases, our team may require 2-3 weeks to process arrived items. Please understand that Wondernara does not offer cancellations due to these delays, and this policy applies to all customers, both local and international.

    We want to assure you that we are committed to delivering your order as swiftly as possible. Delays are often attributed to pre-order processing at the suppliers, and we appreciate your understanding in these instances. Product arrival updates are communicated via email, and for any further inquiries, feel free to contact

    Thank you for choosing Wondernara; we are dedicated to serving you efficiently and dispatching orders as promptly as possible!


    After processing time at the supplier and Wondernara, all orders shipped with Kpacket, DHL or EMS and have a transit time of 3-9 business days. Please note that pre-order merchandise take time tot process at the supplier and that we do not have influence on the speed of their processing. We have a document showing the status of merchandise arrivals that we share with customers, please check that out to keep up to date with the status. After shipment, if your order does not arrive within the applicable transit time and seems to have issues, please send us an inquiry with an email to


    Wondernara is not responsible for packages sent back due to factors outside of our control, such as the absence of the recipient, customs, wrong address information, incorrect recipient name, etc. When a shipment is sent to our carrier's warehouse due to these complications, the carrier reserves the right to dispose of the shipment. In these cases Wondernara will do their best to help you solve this situation, but we cannot be held accountable for the package anymore.
    If our policy and FAQ do not answer your question, please contact our customer service at