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❤️ Please read the full details below under "description"

Contains: Entry Fansign + Random digipak ver. + Random HELLO82 POB Photocard

Entry Fansign + Random digipak ver. + Random HELLO82 POB Photocard

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FAN SIGN EVENT in Los Angeles by HELLO82.

🚨 Event Update! 🚨 Unfortunately, we've had to cancel the ATEEZ LA fansign raffle due to shipping and customs issues after contacting hello82. 😔 Don't worry though, you can still apply directly through hello82! 🎉 Thanks for your understanding🙏🏻

This is a pre-order event, therefore it takes between 4~5 weeks after the event receive the items from the suppliers. 

❗: There is NO official collaboration between us and HELLO82. The event is organised solely by HELLO82. We are ONLY hosting it through us in order to help fans win the final call!

🗓️ Date of the Fan Sign Event: 2024.04.15 (Monday), 18:30 / 6:30 KST (Korea Standard Time)

🚀 Entry Period Through Wondernara: 
 Until 2024.04.05 (Friday) 23:59 / 11:59 PM KST (Korea Standard Time) ❌ PLEASE NOTE: NO cancellation possible after this entry period.

🔮 MUST Fill Out Form:
After ordering,CLICK HERE to fill out the Google Form.  We use the form in case you are picked as our internal raffle winner and register you for the fan call. If you have inquiries about it, please reach out to hi@wondernara.com

📢 Announcements:
 Internal (Wondernara's) raffle winners:
2024.04.06 (Saturday) after 17:00 / 05:00 PM KST (Korea Standard Time)
 External (the orginasier's) raffle winners: 
 2024.04.09 (Tuesday), after 11:00 AM KST (Korea Standard Time)
 2024.04.08 (Monday), after 20:00 PM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)

✨ What you will get:

 For. All applicants of the voice call event

  2. HELLO82 LA Fansign Event Exclusive Photocard, random 1 pc out of 8

    * Photocards/Albums are given based on amounts purchased. The POB photocards will be distributed randomly to the customers, regardless of the amount purchased (thus there might be duplicates, please keep that in mind when ordering).

 For. Winner(s) of the voice call event

  1. Be one of the 30 lucky winners for the LA Fansign with ATEEZ!
  2. Signature by ATEEZ with your name during fansign

⚠️ Caution for Event Application:

※ 1 album or inclusions purchase = 1 fansign entry

※ If you'd like to participate in the fansign event you must be born 2010 or earlier, if you're born 2011 and later then you will not be able to participate in the raffle.

※ Photocards/Albums are given based on amounts purchased

※ 📦 Scheduled Shipping Start Date: It takes around 4~5 weeks after the event is over to receive the items from the supplier, then another 1~2 weeks to dispatch your order from our warehouse. 

※ 🎥 Unboxing video required : As proof of product defect / damage / missing, you must provide a full unboxing video without pausing or editing from the moment you hold the package/box/envelope in your hand to start opening it. Small spots/scratches on the photocards or the sealed albums cannot be compensated as they come like that from the organisers. 

※ For winner(s): Detailed directions for the fansign will be communicated later to the external raffle winner(s).

※ For winner(s): Please be aware that it will be considered you accept that your album will be opened to be signed by the artist. If you purchase the inclusions only ver from our store (Wondernara) and ended up being the internal and external winner, you will get your signed album regardless.

※ For winner(s): Wondernara are the intermediary between the organizer and the customer, it is NOT our responsibility IF the organizer fails to ship the signed album to us. While this occurrence is extremely rare, please keep this in mind before making a purchase. If you have further questions, please email us at hi@wondernara.com

※ ⭐️ Sales Volume Chart
All purchased items at Wondernara will certainly be reflected on HANTEO CHART and CIRCLE.

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