How do video call & fansign events through Wondernara work?

How do I enter a video call/fan sign event through Wondernara?

1. Purchase an album (or more) through our video call/fan sign event on our website. 1 album purchase equals 1 entry for the internal Wondernara raffle*.

2. Fill out the form that you can find in the product description. If you have questions in regards to the form, please reach out to us on hi@wondernara.com

3. After the application deadline period ends, we pick the internal Wondernara winners through a raffle. The internal winners will be announced through email to all participants. The number of winners vary each time, as it depends on the total customer sales and the artist. Read more in the next slide.

4. The final step is Wondernara purchasing albums under the internal winner(s)' information through the events' organizers. The quantity of albums we purchase under the internal winner's information to the organisers does not equal the internal winner's ordered quantity; it exceeds it by a significant margin. That's the charm of attempting a video call through us.

* Internal Wondernara raffle is a raffle (drawn at random) that we run amongst our customers to draw internal winners. Sometimes we have 1 or more winners, it all depends on the volume of the orders. The internal winners are the ones that we submit their info to the video call fansign organisers for the external raffle.

If I won the internal Wondernara raffle, does it mean I won the final call with my artist?

No, the internal Wondernara winner(s) is/are the winner(s) amongst our customers. We submit the internal winner(s)’s information to the video call organiser (step 2 from previous slide) and purchase albums under the winner(s)’s name.

Will I get my albums and what I ordered if I didn’t win the internal Wondernara raffle?

Yes, you will receive the items you have ordered through the video call events, including albums, platform albums, photocards, and pre-order benefits. The price you pay includes the items mentioned in the listing along with the video call attempt.

If winning the internal Wondernara raffle does not equal winning the final call, why would I buy through Wondernara then? I could just buy through the organisers directly

You could buy through the organisers directly, although you most likely need to buy a lot of albums in order to win.

If you order through Wondernara and win the internal raffle, your chances of winning the final raffle are extremely high! Even if you buy 1 entry through Wondernara, your chances on winning the internal Wondernara raffle are high too!

Furthermore, we’re very proud to say that almost all of our previous internal Wondernara winners were able to win the final raffle for the call with their artists. As based on our expertise and knowledge on these events, we know how to increase the chances of winning final calls.

We do not disclose the number of internal winners beforehand. This is decided by Wondernara after the event ends. This is due to the nature of these type of events in which the total customer sales in regards to the artist matter a lot! The more entries we receive, the higher our chances become for winning final raffles for video calls!

If I apply for a call with a specific member, do I also get the POB photocard of that member?

Unless we state otherwise, the POB photocards and the album versions are random.

For example, if you applied for a video entry with Choi San from ATEEZ, you could receive a e.g. Seonghwa POB photocard with an album version Z.

Do I need to resubmit the form if I place another order for the same video call event?

No, you do not have to resubmit the form for the same event. The form is designed to gather all necessary data to register you for the video call. We will only use your information for this specific event and only if you are the internal winner. If you have any questions regarding the form, please reach out to us at hi@wondernara.com.

HOWEVER, please be aware that if you have applied for two different video call events on our store, you will need to submit a separate form for each specific product. For instance, if you applied for both ATEEZ Makestar and ATEEZ Soundwave, you should submit the respective form for each event, as they are two distinct events. You can find the form for each event under the product description for that specific event.

Can I cancel my order after the deadline for event participation?

For PRE-ORDER event items, our listing and policy clearly state that cancellations or refund requests cannot be accommodated after the events end. This is because we place special orders with the organizers, and their strict event rules prevent us from requesting cancellations once the event has ended.

If I buy 3 albums or more through the video call event, will I be able to receive an album set without version duplicates?

The album versions will be random. Even if you purchase 3 albums, there’s a chance you will receive duplicated album versions. However, we try to the most of our ability to ship non-duplicates to our customers, but as we are a small team, the workload of organizing can sometimes be too much, so we cannot guarantee being able to sort non-duplicates.

Can I apply for a video call entry with all members or do I need to choose the member that I want to speak with?

This varies from one organiser to another. Some video call events require you to select the member(s) you want to talk with. But other events let you talk to all members in one video call.

The guidelines for applying for a video call event can be found at the product description on the event pages at Wondernara.com. As mentioned, the rules can be different per event, so make sure to read the event details carefully before applying.

How long is the video call?

Just like the previous question, it always varies. Most organisers do not mention the length of the video call. Sometimes it's 3 minutes per member, this could be also less or more.

Therefore, please refer back to the product description on our store. We have all the details there for each specific video call event.

When is the annoucement of the video call event?

Everything is mentioned in the description of the product on our page, so please refer there, as it varies always.

In case of winning the final call, how do I know all the important information that I need to prepare before the video call? For example, do I need to provide additional personal information?

Another charm of buying through Wondernara is that we take care of everything for you to ease your experience and make sure everything goes smoothly for the video call!

We will personally guide you (through e-mail and socials). If we need additional information, we will request this from you. Then we will submit your information to the organisers, and finally, we willmake sure you are fully prepared for the call with your favorite artist!

I won the previous video call through your store, can I apply again?

You are welcome to place an order for the next event, but to give other fans a chance to win, your entry for the next video call event for the same idol group/artist will not be counted. By joining, you will only receive the limited edition merchandise that are part of the event.

After the next video call for the same idol group/artist passes, you are welcome again to join for entries and win video calls with your favorite artist.

We have set up this rule to avoid the same fans winning the next event to keep the chances more fair each event. You can apply for entries for a different artist event without issues.

For example, if you applied for Everline ATEEZ video call and you won the internal Wondernara raffle and the final call with ATEEZ, you will be excluded from the internal Wondernara raffle for the next ATEEZ video call, e.g. Makestar ATEEZ video call event. You are able to apply again for ATEEZ video call event after skipping one event, and so on.

Keep in mind these are examples only, so Everline and Makestar are examples and not exact events. We used them to make it extra clear as examples.

Is there anything else I need to know?

We recommend our customers to thoroughly read the information we provide under the video event on our store before messaging us. You probably have the majority of your questions answered!

If you have read the description and still have questions left unanswered, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. But make sure you have read everything under the description. Thank you and wishing you good luck!