[1:1 VIDEO CALL EVENT BY MINIRECORD 0107] THE BOYZ 2ND ALBUM [PHANTASY] Pt.2 Sixth Sense (Platform ver.) + Random POB Photocard

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‚̧ԳŹ Please read the full details below under "description"

Contains: Entry Video Call + Platform Album + Random Photocard

Entry Video Call + Platform Album + Random Photocard

Video Call Member: Sunwoo


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This is a video call event organized by MINIRECORD and hosted by Wondernara.
ūüď¶ Scheduled Shipping Start Date: 1-3 weeks after the event is over.

DISCLAIMER‚ĚóThere is¬†NO¬†official collaboration between us and MINIRECORD. The event is organised solely by MINIRECORD. We are¬†ONLY¬†hosting it through us in order to help fans win the final call!

ūüďÖ¬†Date Of¬†Video Call Event:
Schedule: 2024.01.07 Sunday after face to face fansign (after 18:00 / 6:00 PM)
The event can be canceled or postponed due to the schedule of the artists

ūüöĬ†Entry period: Until¬†2024.01.05 FRIDAY 15:00 / 3:00 PM KST¬†

* 1 album purchase = 1 video call entry

‚ĄĻÔłŹ¬†IMPORTANT: After ordering,¬†CLICK HERE to fill out¬†the Google Form.¬†¬†The form is for us to get all necessary data to register you for the video call (we will only use your information for this event and only if you are the selected winner). If you have questions in regards to the form, please reach out to us on¬†hi@wondernara.com

ūüíú¬†Internal Wondernara¬†winners:
- Number of winners: TBA (there will be multiple winners - it all depends on the volume of the total orders we receive, please keep this in mind!) For further information we strongly recommend reading our Q&A on Instagram. 

ūüĒą Announcements:¬†

  • Wondernara¬†internal raffle winners announcement:¬†2024.01.05¬†FRIDAY¬†after 19:00 / 7:00 PM KST
  • Official external raffle winners announcement:¬†2024.01.05¬†FRIDAY, after 22:00 / 10:00 PM KST

ūü™Ą¬†What all participants will get (regardless of winning):

1) THE BOYZ 2ND ALBUM [PHANTASY] Pt.2 Sixth Sense (Platform ver.) (Random)¬†‚ö†ÔłŹPlease note that platform albums are photocard albums and¬†do not include a CD*
2) Minirecord exclusive photocard 
* Photocards/Albums are given based on amounts purchased

ūü§©¬†MINIRECORD¬†final¬†video call winner(s) are also going to get:
1) Video Call with the THE BOYZ member of your choice (Except JuHaknyeon as he is unfortunately not joining this event)
2) Signed polariod of the member you won the call with!

‚ĚƬ†PLEASE NOTE:¬†NO¬†cancellation¬†after the event's deadline, which is 2024.01.05¬†FRIDAY¬†15:00 / 3:00 PM KST.¬†Please keep that in mind!

‚ÄĽ Detailed directions for the video call fansign will be posted later in the raffle winner announcement.

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